Amazing Hand Painted Furniture That Will Blow Your Mind

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I’ve been pushing my limits on hand-painted furniture finishes for a while now. I like to stretch my abilities and skills into different uncomfortable areas when the opportunity presents itself. If we don’t try, we may miss out on the best things out there. True? Well, this is one that I’m glad I tried. Not only did it teach me something about myself, but it opened my eyes to the artistic side of furniture painting.

I’ve been seeing some truly wonderful creations being done by Dionne at The Turquoise Iris. Her artistic ability is truly A M A Z I N G! She was my inspiration for this piece.

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Hand Painted Furniture

This is just the beginning of an amazing hand painted piece of furniture. I chose a small chest for my experiment, shall we call it. I used The DIY Paint by Debi’s Design Diary. It’s a clay-based paint that is highly pigmented. My plan was to blend the colors at the point of meeting together to create a drastic change not only in color but in texture too.

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Sounds yummy already!

I started with the Bohemian Blue and painted the top and about midways down the chest including the drawers. The paint is highly pigmented, so it only needed one coat for full coverage.

I added a beautiful blue paint to this dresser before adding my artistic touches. I'm gonna use my hands for the next step.

Then I applied the yellow after the blue had slightly dried, overlapping somewhat. Also, I randomly applied it in a different direction with my brush. I had brush strokes in all kinds of directions. This was FUN! I don’t often get to play with designs, so I was making the most of it. Hey, it’s only painting, right? What’s the worst thing that can happen? I’ll have to repaint. I’ve done it before.

Hand painted furniture has a new meaning after this DIY project.


I literally painted this with my hands. Amazing Hand Painted Furniture That Will Blow Your Mind The next step was to blend the two colors in the middle where they met to create a vision of connection. A blending of the two. I used a spray bottle with water and misted it in the meeting areas as well as above and below. I blended the paint with my hand and fingers. Again, I lightly misted the paint with water to further allow the natural blending with gravity. Playing, touching, and being one with the paint. I sound like an artist. Well, I ain’t! But, it sure was fun to pretend. After I had it looking like I wanted, I used my heat gun to speed up the drying time. The word patience is not in my vocabulary. I used a clear coat of polyacrylic to seal it. Hand-painted furniture!

OH MYLANTA! This is what I got!

Hand painted furniture is a great way to express your artistic visions.


I'm so happy with my hand painted furniture. It's a work of art and self expression. And those glass knobs? Well, it was meant to be! I hope you enjoyed my hand-painted furniture with an artistic twist. It’s fun to paint out of the box. Here are a few others you may enjoy. Dixie Nightstand Makeover or the DIY Repurposed Washstand

Until the next project… xo, Do