10 Stunning Upcycled Furniture Creations

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Stunning furniture creations that will give you inspiration.

Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 favorite upcycled furniture creations. This past year has been so good to me and I have been blessed to come across some cool pieces. It can be difficult at times even in my junking community, but my key to finding good makeovers is sometimes just sheer luck. Keeping your eyes open and following your intuition is about the best advice I can give you. I hope you enjoy these makeover and will be inspired to find your diamond in the rough.

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Upcycled Furniture Creations

I never dreamed that underneath all that veneer was the most beautiful wood ever. NO WAY I could ever paint that! I took days of sanding to get that look but so worth the effort. Some pieces aren’t meant to be painted. CLICK HERE to see the nightmare furniture creation I got into with this makeover.

Copper Leaf Makeover Inspiration

Try adding copper leaf to your painted furniture.

I didn’t want to paint this furniture recreation but sometimes it’s best to embrace the creative process. Before I even knew it, I had a masterpiece in the works. The paint and copper leaf combination works well on this makeover. At the time I hated it! It’s so weird… the creative process. CLICK HERE to learn more about adding a copper leaf on your next painted furniture makeover.

Hand Painted Furniture Creations

DIY hand painted furniture creations. This is a fun finishes and not hard to do.

I blended paint to create this look and I also played around with some hand painting. I felt good to put my hands in the chalky type paint. Kinda like finger painting in Elementary school. This is a cool technique for furniture creations. CLICK HERE to learn more about this fun painted furniture finish.

Gold Inspired Furniture Creations

Gold leaf furniture creations.

Furniture Creations with GOLD LEAF??? Yes, ma’am all day long! One of my all-time favorites is adding anything shiny to my furniture and gold leaf does not disappoint. CLICK HERE to learn more about applying this magical metal leafing to your furniture.

Gold metallic painted DIY furniture creations on a budget.

Hollywood is in the house with this shimmery metallic furniture creation. Metallic paint can add a level of sophistication to even the boring furniture. Did you know that you can use a paintbrush and get a perfect finish? You gotta try it! CLICK HERE to get my full products list and DIY instructions to add shimmer to your next makeover.

Special Project For A Cause

From dresser to bench. Furniture creations are endless when you have a saw.

All for a good purpose… God has been so good to me and I try to give back as often as I can. This year was no exception. This furniture creation was inspired by a horrible disaster in our small town. CLICK HERE to see how it all turned out.

A Diamond In The Rough Furniture Creations

Furniture creations are just a diamond in the rough.

Another veneer removal project. I called this one, Diamond In The Rough. Boy, can I pick’em or what??? Gold accents added just the right touch.  CLICK HERE to see the before of this furniture creation. It’s shocking! And my dog “ZOE” RIP photobombed me. Bless her heart.

For Coffee Snobs

Painted Furniture for the coffee snob in you!

For all you coffee snobs! I included of course… this vintage washstand was so much fun. I used my Grandma’s vintage coffee set for the staging so this one is special and dear to my heart. CLICK HERE to learn how you too can recreate this look.

The Grocery Store Find

This lovely raw wood furniture creation was buried with layers of paint. The before pics are shocking!

I found this one standing in line at the grocery store. The craziest place ever! I got a serious lesson in stripping 101 with this furniture creation. Have you ever tried stripping paint off of furniture? Not something I do very often but these old armoires are so pretty with this finish.  CLICK HERE to see how much paint I stripped off to reveal this look.

Curbside Find To Farmhouse Wow!

Curbside Find into a Farmhouse fabulous table!

Who doesn’t love a good curbside find? I know I do and that what this furniture creation project was was all about. I turned roadside scraps into this amazing farmhouse table. CLICK HERE to see how I did it.

I love painting and restoring vintage furniture and putting my artistic vision into them. Is this your jam too? I’d love to hear your input on these furniture recreations in the comment section below. Or maybe you’re new to all of this… if so, maybe I can help. I also teach The Art Of Painting Furniture in a private group. I’d love for you to join me there where I share all my furniture painting finishes as well as refinishes of old antiques. While I LOVE to paint, not everything needs to be painted. Somethings are just better left as is. I love beautiful wood furniture as well as painted furniture!

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10 upcycled Amazing Furniture Creations for Your Inspiration