Stunning furniture creations that will give you inspiration.

Stunning Furniture Creations That Will Give You Inspiration

Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 furniture creations. This past year has been so good to me and I have really been blessed to come across some really cool pieces. It’s hard at times, but my key to finding good makeovers is sometimes just sheer luck. Keeping your eyes open and following your intuition is about the best advice I can give you. I hope you enjoys these makeover and will be inspired to find your diamond in the rough.

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My Top 10 Favorite Furniture Creations


I never dreamed that she would look this good. Wait till you see the before!

#1 Look What Removing Veneer Did To This Wood Dresser


Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations


The number 6 has a special meaning to me.

#2 Forget Paint! Try Copper Leaf Finish On Your Furniture.

Forget paint! Try copper leaf finish on your furniture. Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #copperleaf


Would you like a few tips on painting furniture? Just tell me where to send it and I’ll send it to you immediately.

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I blended paint together to create this look. Come see!

#3 Amazing Hand Painted Furniture That Will Blow Your Mind

Amazing hand painted furniture that will blow your mind. Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #handpaintedfurniture


GOLD Leaf Furniture Creations

#4 Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!

Gold leaf furniture that will make you swoon! Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #goldleaf


Hollywood is in the house!

#4 Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!

Insane metallic paint for furniture that will give you shimmer. Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #metallicpaint


All For a Good Purpose

#4 Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!

Look at what decapitation did to a wood dresser. Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #wooddresser


Yep, she totally photobombed this furniture creation!

#4 Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!

Dixie nightstand furniture makeover. Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #furnituremakeover


For all you coffee snobs!

#4 Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!

Antique Washstand Makeover. Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #antiquewashstand


I found this one standing in line at the grocery store. The craziest place ever!

#4 Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!

Raw Wood Furniture Makeover. Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #rawwood


Last, but surely not least is a great curbside find. I knew immediately when I saw it!

#4 Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!

Curbside junk that will make you stop your car. Stunning Furniture Creations #furniturecreations #curbsidejunk



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I’ve enjoyed sharing my furniture creations with you and hope that one of these projects may inspire you to repurpose and give a life to something that once was.

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I also love to create home decor. I recently created a cool #4 Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!. You can read more about it HERE!


Until the next project… xo, Do