How To Upcycled Home Decor Using Chalk Paint

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how to upcycle home decor with chalk paint
How To Upcycled Home Decor Using Chalk Paint

I DO love an easy upcycled home decor makeover! Anytime I can update my home decor style, I get all the feels! Especially when I’ve painted it three times before. Paint changes everything and no reason to give up and buy new. I’m all about saving those Dolla Dolla bills. $$$ And since chalk paint sticks to almost any surface, why not?

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A Few Things You’ll Need For Your Project

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This upcycled home decor makeover started out with a pair of candleholders that I had originally painted three times before. Yep! That’s me… I never give up on home decor. When the styles change, I change colors. Since my style is pretty much flea market decor, it works for me.

STEP 1: Apply The Paint

Paint changes everything… #truth. Try updating your home decor by adding a fresh coat of paint. I like the chalky type paints as they usually adhere well to most surfaces. Very little prep is needed before painting. Give it a good cleaning with a little soapy water and rinse the surface well. Load up your paintbrush and get to painting. Most chalk paints will require more than one coat. This is normal.

After painting your home decor project, you can choose to do nothing more. Let it dry and style as desired in your home. OR… you could add colored waxes to bring out the character if your project has some details like these candle holders. Waxes come in many colors and you can have a play day!

Paint one coat of your favorite chalky type paint.

STEP 2: Sealing Chalky-Based Paints

Use a good wax brush and liberally apply clear wax over the chalk-painted surface. Next, take a soft cloth and gently buff over the wax until you get a smooth buffed finish.

Adding wax to my upcycled home decor project sealed the chalky type paint for durability and gave it a soft buffed look.

Step 3: Adding Details With Colored Wax

If you have details on your upcycled home decor project like these candle holders, you might consider using a darker or colored wax over those areas. It’s super easy to apply. Use a small paintbrush or your finger and gently rub it on the areas you want to be colored. Next, buff it back with a soft cloth to soften the lines on those details.

Accenting the details on this candle stick with wax will give it a fresh updated look that matches my style.

Step 4: Finishing Your Upcycled Home Decor Project

The next step isn’t necessary if you like the look after buffing the darker wax. For this project, I added another light coat of white wax and buffed it well with the soft cloth. Adding the white will soften the look of the dark details and create a subtle and blended look.

Painting ugly out of date home decor is a great way to up-cycle and bring it back to today's style.

Instant Upcycled Home Decor

I'm such a book hound! Using books on this upcycled home decor project was a great way to show my own personal style.
I love using upcycled home decor. Stacking books on this candle holder is a great way to add your own style.

I’m really happy how these out-of-date candle holders turned out. And of course, I don’t use them for candles. Want to learn more about creative staging? CLICK HERE. What do you think? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Drop me a comment below and thanks for hanging out with me while I paint.

Until the next project… xo, Do



  1. Well, I’m a grandma too and will sometime soon get a new right hip (darn). Your pair of candlesticks have a really nice raised design. They were gold once upon a time? The new color and glaze really make the design stand out. Not many candlesticks look good upside down, either! I would like to know if you always dampen the brush for chalk paint? Also do you dampen the brush for the clear coat & when using gator hide? I’m near Edison, NJ but the conference admission price is too rich for me. I will continue to follow along online.

    1. Hi Robin! Don’t wait on the replacement. Looking back, I waited too long because I was afraid. Just get it done so you can get back to doing what you love.

      Yes, I dampen all my brush with the chalky type paints. For the clear coats and Gator Hide, I do not. But I have seen others do it with no issues. We all have our own way that works and no reason to change if it works.

      Blessings to you and prayers for a full and total recovery. Thanks for following.

      xo, Do 🙂

  2. I’ve been grabbing items here n there around the house and giving them a face lift. Cant buy everything new. Thanks Do xo

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