How to paint stripes on furniture like a pro.

How To Paint Stripes Without Bleeding


Anytime I paint stripes on furniture, or walls for that matter… I always use this fool proof method. This Duncan Phyfe table was in rough condition prior to its arrival at Do Dodson Designs. Actually even rougher than this picture. With 2 broken legs, I had some major repair work to do. With a little TLC, she was ready to go. That’s why she was FREE! I like free. It’s my love language. Ha!

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How To Paint Stripes On Furniture Without Bleeding

This old gal is about to get the makeover of her life! Come see! Here are the products I used for this makeover.


Always Primer Before Painting

You should always primer before painting raw wood. No paint will stop bleeding of stains and tannins. BIN Primer is my favorite. Yes, you need to prime some pieces of furniture before you paint. There are a few exceptions to this rule. That’s my opinion and I’ve learned from my mistakes. You may get lucky a few times, but then it’s that one piece that bites you! Always prime first. I used a cheap brush for the primer, because I throw them away. No one has time for cleaning brushes.

I painted the whole the table top with a beautiful Black Wise Owl Paint. The paint is creamy, highly pigmented and easy to apply. It took only 2 coats to cover this table. That great coverage for a chalky type paint. My favorite brush to use for painting is the Cling On Brushes. It makes painting furniture so much easier. Want to know more? Ask me.

Cling ON Paint BrushesAfter the table was painted and the furniture sealer top coat was applied, I allowed it to dry for 24 hours. The reason for this step is to prevent the base coat paint from peeling when removing the tape. Allowing the paint to fully cure for a longer period of time is recommended, but I took the risk.


Taping Off For The Stripes

How to paint stripes on furniture like a pro. I created the lines using 1 inch painters tape  and then secured the edges by running my finger along the tape to make sure it had good contact with my surface.


How to paint stripes on furniture like a pro.Now for the secret to clean lines. Before I painted the stripes with a different color, I used the same base color as the table (black) to create a barrier to stop the bleeding. Actually, it did bleed slightly, but I wasn’t able to see it, because I used the same color as the base coat. Leave the tape in place for the next step.

The gold stripe was created with Gold Leaf with the same method. Here’s the TUTORIAL  gold leafing. 


How to paint stripes on furniture like a pro.After the black paint was dry, I painted over the black with Lime Stone by Wise Owl Paint. Then I carefully removed the tape to reveal my beautiful paint stripes. I sealed the top with Modern Masters Top Coat to preserve the gold leaf finish, but you can just use the furniture sealer too. The Master Clear preserves the metallic finish and keeps it from oxidizing later on as it ages. I want my gold to stay bright and shiny!


Jazzing up The Hardware

How to add bling to your metal hardware.


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I can't believe what a difference gilding wax made on these antique metal claws.These metal claw feet are amazing and deserve an AMAZING finish. Rub N Buff is a great way to jazz up old hardware and adds some new life. I simply rubbed it on with my finger tip and buffed it with a soft cotton cloth. Nothing hard about that!



Duncan Phyfe Table MakeoverAnd that’s how to paint stripes on your furniture like a pro.


These claw feet have my whole heart! Duncan Phyfe Table MakeoverAnother one saved. I hope you enjoyed this makeover. I sure did. What a huge difference a little paint will make.  You can see this table and more in my new office space. Click here to see more. 


Until the next project… xo, Do