Easy Paint Blending Techniques For Furniture & Home Decor

Blending Paint Techniques
Easy Paint Blending Techniques For Furniture & Home Decor

Paint blending is a unique way to add texture and beauty to your home decor and furniture. Anytime I get a chance to play in the studio, I bust out the moulds and paint. These re-purposed cabinet doors from the Habitat For Humanity are perfect for trying out new techniques. I always encourage new furniture painters to use these for practice. Way less intimidating than a piece of furniture. Check out my FREE video tutorial below to learn this technique.

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Paint Blending for Home Decor and Furniture

Adding moulds and my paint blending techniques turned this repurposed door into a beautiful and unique wall art.

Watch The Video Tutorial Here

I created this paint blending video tutorial so that you can learn this technique and create new and exciting finishes for your home decor and or furniture. Enjoy!

IOD Moulds are a quick, easy way to add details to a boring surface that is begging to be noticed. You’re not gonna get missed if you look like this, that’s for sure. I chose this design because I liked the contrast of the rectangle door. Adding a round element creates a visual party. Ha! Well, it does to me. I love the look of paint blending with glue for a crackle finish—layers of goodness.

I added these beautiful decor moulds to a cabinet door to create unique wall art.
How to master paint blending on home decor.

Accents With Rub N Buff Gold

I like how it looked after the application of light and dark wax, but it was just missing a little something-something. So, I pulled out my favorite gilding wax. GOLD! Shocker, right? A quick application with my fingertip in a few spots, and it was good to go.

Easy Paint Blending Techniques For Furniture & Home Decor

Thank you so much for stopping by for my paint blending tutorial. I enjoy my time getting to share with you, and I hope this inspires you to try this technique. There are a few more paint techniques below that you might want to try too.

Until the next project… xo, Do

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