New Office Studio Workspace Conversion

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New Office Studio Workspace Conversion

On December 15th, 2018, I decided that my hubby and I should NOT share an office space. My studio is about 750 square feet, including the room above it that wasn’t being used to its full potential. I never thought about moving my office above my studio until my better half brought it up. It makes total sense, and he had a great idea. So I ran with my conversion plan.

New Office Studio Workspace Conversion

I had 2 weeks to get this done before the New Year began, and I was on a mission to make it happen. So, now that it’s done, I’d love to give you a tour. I’m so proud of my new office studio workspace, and a lot of the things that I used to decorate with have a significant meaning to me. I’m a bit of a sentimentalist, and I this “problem” of hanging on to almost save almost everything related to a good memory. I call my design for this new office space, Modern Eclectic Farmhouse.

New Office Studio Workspace Conversion Before And After

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Before It Was My Office

As I said before, this space has been empty for a year, and I have been using it for storage. It’s a great space, but storage wasn’t the greatest idea being upstairs. Carrying things up and down is a bit on the dangerous side.

When we built the studio, I decided that I wanted ship-lap walls, but we came up with another plan after pricing the materials. That stuff is crazy expensive! Instead, we used wood fence pickets. I sanded every board before nailing them to the wall. We were careful in spacing and staggering each board to give it a realistic look. I love the gaps in the wood. It was a lot of work, but it saved us a ton of money. We spent about $300 on 2 walls, trim, and the stairway walls.

Before my new office conversion we renovated the room above my studio.

The flooring is painted particleboard. I had plans for carpet, but the painted floors will work for now. It’s a work in progress for now.

Adding A Decorative Feature Above The Window

I found this cool decorative wooden piece off of an old buffet table. It had great details, so I saved it. And wouldn’t you know… it fit perfectly above my window. I guess it was meant to be.

For the trim, I used a primer before painting. B-I-N Zinsser Primer is the best for blocking wood tannins.

I added this cool wooden decorative piece I found to the window in my new office.

I painted the trim and the walls with Sherwin Williams Paint in a cream color and then made a whitewash for the walls using 1/2 paint and 1/2 water. I rolled it on and used a paintbrush to cut it in the corners.

The new office studio conversion is starting to take shape. I L-O-V-E the shiplap walls.

Take A Tour Of My New Office Studio

Welcome to my new office! Can anyone ever have too much mercury glass and tufts? I think NOT! A mercury glass table lamp is timeless and adds class to any space.

Take A Tour Of My New Office Studio

My office desk chair I purchased from Wayfair. Look at those tufts! It’s super comfy and heavy-duty.

Eckard Desk Chair is the perfect addition to my new office. #newoffice

The shelving was made from wooden boxes that I had found. Simple and a bit rustic.

The wood boxes made great shelving for my new office space.
My new office space has an eclectic farmhouse vibe and it just my style.

And that RUG! I still swoon every time I walk in my office. It’s colorful and brings some much needed color to my office space.

I love adding splashes of color in my office. The navy, coral and orange works well together and it looks great in my new space.

I use lined baskets to store my favorite magazines and tucking them under chairs. It helps to save space and keeps the clutter down. They come in handy when you need to do a quick clean-up in a hurry. I love the lining too.

Home Classics® Woven Basket

And I added some fun decorative throw pillows made from Mongolian Fur. Just the right amount of softness, and who knows when I might need to take a nap on my sofa.

Becky Mongolian Fur Throw Pillow

The stairs that lead to my office studio have a gallery wall of some of my favorite things. Chalkboards, vintage plates, decorative iron pieces, measuring sticks, wood frames, and even some old hardware from a door that belonged to my Grandmother. It’s a hodgepodge of happiness to me.

The shiplap walls still need to be whitewashed, new carpet is on my list of major purchases, but it will get done. I’m pretty happy with the progress so far.

The gallery wall just above my new office space is one of my favorite things about this conversion.

I painted the stair risers and numbered them from 01-14. I’ve always wanted to do this but never had a stairway in my home. Another thing that makes me happy about my office studio.

I love how the numbers are painted on the risers of this stairway. It gives me ideas.

And I am in L-O-V-E with the handrail that my hubby made from copper pipe. A modern industrial touch. The office conversion has it all!

We made a handrail out of copper piping in the stairwell.

Modern – Eclectic – Farmhouse – Office Studio Conversion

Modern - Eclectic - Farmhouse - Office Studio Conversion

It’s definitely a work in progress as I have so much more to do to complete the look I want. But do we ever really finish decorating?

Thanks for joining me and allowing me to share my new office studio conversion. Your office space is such an important area, and I believe it should be not only functional but comfortable and stylish.

Until the next project… xo, Do