How to Paint a Piano In 1 Day!

The Best Way I Know How to Paint a Piano in 1 Day!
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Have you ever wondered how to paint a piano? Well, before you even consider painting one you might want to head to the gym and pump some iron! I’m not even kidding. These suckers are heavy! These regal beauties can weigh anywhere from 300 to 900 lbs. My guess is the 500 lbs area. Thank goodness it had rollers. But guess what? They were rusty! Kinda like me. Ha! I don’t roll as well as I used to either. I would give anything if I had a video of how we (hubby and I) got this sucker in the house. Let’s just say, it ain’t happening again. It is here to stay!

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 How to Paint a Piano in 1 day!

How to paint a piano in one day.

Watch the replay LIVE below as I teach you how to add highlights to your furniture.

Cleaning and Prepping the Piano For Paint

Prepping is the most important step in painting furniture. That’s why I use Dixie Belle products. I know that I’ll get a great finish every time and they know how to paint a piano! Here is what I used for this makeover. Purchase your Dixie Belle Products HERE.

How to Paint a Piano with Chalk Mineral Paint

How to paint a piano the easy way. After all the prep work was done, I painted 2 coats of a beautiful gray color called Driftwood. It’s one of my go-to grays in the Dixie Belle line. I blended another lighter color called Fluff (a beautiful white) on the areas that would normally receive the first light. What is the first light? Well, let me share a tip with you about highlights. The first light is the area of the furniture that is touched first by the light. That would be any protruding area. Here’s the best tip for highlighting these areas. Put your piece near a window and look at where the light hits it first. These areas will be lighter. This is called highlights. I like to add these highlights to my furniture to give it the appearance of light. I do this with a lot of my pieces and it really makes a difference.

Applying Easy Peasy Spray Wax

How to paint a piano and seal with spray wax.I love a waxed piece! For furniture that isn’t considered a high traffic piece… meaning it won’t be touched a lot, I still prefer wax. Easy Peasy Spray Wax is a game changer! No more messy brushes and sore shoulders from buffing. Spray it on, let it dry and lightly buff. That’s it!

Highlighting With White Wax

How to paint a piano with highlights.After the Easy Peasy Spray Wax had dried, I used a white wax to create even more highlights in specific areas. This was applied with a chip brush and blended to a flawless finish. When using colored waxes, using a clear wax first will help you control the look you want. Of course, I had to add a bit of gold. Those big beautiful legs deserved the attention.

And… this is how to paint a piano in 1 day!


Yes you can paint a piano in one day! I'll show you how. How to paint a piano in one day.Did you enjoy this project? Need a little more inspiration? Check out this colorful makeover! 

Until the next project… xo, Do



  • This is so pretty. I’ve read this post 3 times just to look at the piano again! I need some of that gold paint too 😏

  • Thanks, Wendy! The legs are gold leaf but the liquid gold paint was perfect for the foot pedal. It still looks great after almost a year. xo, Do

  • Hi Do, I just bought some imitation gold leaf in different colors. I’ve never goldleafed before, any tips? I know about sealing after and before. Is imitation or real easier to apply? Thanks

  • Hi,
    About how much paint did it take to do 2 coats?

  • Hi Leann, I used just a little over 16 oz for the piano. 🙂

  • Beautiful work and the piano looks so much more beautiful after. I love the paint technique on the wall behind the piano. Is there a tutorial or post about how you did it and what products you used ? Thank you.

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