Chippy Paint Technique: From Trash To Treasure

Hey creative friend! This week’s blog is all about turning trash to treasures with a chippy paint technique. Literally! Because we have been sheltering in place, the Dodson household has created a lot more trash than usual. I’ve heard the term “trash to treasure” in the DIY world but never really gave it much thought… until now. So, I did a little research on the subject. I was amazed at what you can actually create from items in your garbage can. πŸ™‚ Yep… I’m painting trash today! Join me on my trashy rendition of TRASH TO TREASURE makeovers.

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Chippy Paint Technique: From Trash To Treasure Home Decor

Take a look around... what do you see in your home that you salvage? All you need is a little imagination and a DIY chippy paint finish to transform those items into Hobby Lobby quality home decor. A DIY chippy paint finish can be applied to metal, glass, or wood. Think of the endless possibilities! ♥

Take a look around… what do you see in your home that you salvage? All you need is a little imagination and a DIY chippy paint finish to transform those items into Hobby Lobby quality home decor. A DIY chippy paint finish can be applied to metal, glass, or wood. Think of the endless possibilities! ♥

Product List For A DIY Chippy Paint Finish

*Just so you know, the can of corn was supper and the bottle of wine was dessert. πŸ™‚

Application Of Paint

From trash to treasure! Turn almost anything into DIY home decor with a chippy paint finish.

Firstly, clean the items well you have chosen with soapy water and rinse well with water. Towel or air dry. Be sure to remove any leftover glue that could be on the surface from labels that may prevent the chippy paint finish from adhering.

Next, apply a heavy coat of chalky paint using the stippling technique with a 2-inch chip brush. You’ll need to dab the paint on rather than brushing. This also creates texture and that exactly what you want in a chippy paint finish. So don’t be stingy with the paint. 1-2 coats will be needed depending on the color you chose. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between coats. I don’t paint the bottoms of the cans or bottles.

How To Use A Broken Candle Stick For A Chippy Paint Finish

Try using wax from a candle stick to create a chippy paint finish on your home decor.

Hey! I used what I had! I know that wax repels water and my chalky paint is water-based, so I grabbed a broken candlestick. Don’t ask me why I saved these things… πŸ™‚

Thirdly, rub the wax over the first color of the paint. Rub it in the areas you want the paint to chip away. Here’s a tip… warming up the candlestick helps a lot with the application. I used my heat gun to soften them up but not melted. Just enough to rub the wax on at the end of the candlestick. Like a crayon! It won’t be smooth. You will see the wax and that’s okay. It’s there for a reason. A chippy paint reason!

I used two different colors of chalky paint on this tin can to create an amazing finish. It's the best trash to treasure makeover ever!

Then apply the second paint color of chalky paint over the wax using the same method “stippling” or “dabbing” just as the first paint color. You can even use the sides of the paintbrush to give it more texture. Yep, just blob the paint right over the wax from the candlestick. One thick application of chalky paint is all you will need. Don’t be stingy! Allow the second coat of paint to dry thoroughly. We want that texture for an amazing chippy paint finish.


Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint is my go-to for all my projects. It adheres to almost any surface you can imagine.

Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint is my go-to for all my projects. It adheres to almost any surface you can imagine.

Easy Peasy Chippy Paint Technique

What a great idea this was to turn trash to treasures with my DIY chippy paint technique. It's a MUST try DIY!

By now you should be seeing some subtle cracking in the paint after it has dried. This is exactly what you want. Applying the chalky paint on thick will make it crack. Kinda like a crackle finish but not as much. This adds even more character and textured goodness in the chippy paint finish.

Grab a piece of sandpaper or R.A.D. pad (my favorite abrasive) and go to town. As you rub on your painted surface, the wax from underneath will peel away to reveal the darker color underneath. And like magic, instant chippy paint finish! You can see how strategically placing the wax can give a realist look to your project.

How To Add A Weathered Look To Chippy Paint

I used superfine steel wool to add a weathered look to my trash to treasure project. Instant DIY home decor on a budget!

Super-fine steel wool… have you ever tried it? It’s like sandpaper that leaves a beautiful grayish color behind. It’s gorgeous and works well on other chalk paint finishes like thisNO- FAIL chippy paint technique I recently did on an antique door makeover for a client.

DIY Home Decor Trash To Treasure Results

Look at all that crackly chippy paint goodness. From trash to treasure. You gotta try this DIY hack!

Now that’s a budget-friendly DIY home decor hack. I’m pretty dang proud of how my trash turned out. I dressed my trash up a bit more by adding jute twine and secured it with some hot glue. Look out Hobby Lobby!

From Trash To Treasure

You would never believe that I pulled these items from my trash can! From trash to treasure.


Your TRASH is my treasure! I literally turned my trash into beautiful DIY home decor using a a chippy paint technique. It's a DIY must try hack!

So, what do you think??? Would you turn your trash to treasure using this DIY chippy paint finish technique? I’d love to hear from you and welcome any and all comments. What would you do differently to dress up your trash? Drop me your ideas below.

Until the next project… xo, Do

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Chippy Paint Technique: From Trash To Treasure


  • Gahhh I love it all!!! Such a fun technique…it’s been years since I used it, now I am off to try it again. Thank you for the inspiration. Love all you do!

  • I would definitely turn my trash to treasure! In fact, I have the bottles,cans, twine, spindles and the rest!
    I literally save everything I can that I could possibly make Into something else. Thank goodness I have a huge attic and huge garage to store it all! These all turned out very nice but I especially love the can! My family thinks I’m nuts for saving all this stuff but trust me when this Virus hit us, I can’t tell you how much I’ve given to nieces and nephews to entertain their children! Yes I seriously have an over abundance but I have an Etsy shop that I will one day open with vintage as well as homemade and you never know when something will come in handy! I wish for you and whoever you may live with to have a safe environment around so that we can always take advantage of your beautiful work!
    I’ll toast to you this evening when I pull out that bottle of wine!

  • I love painting my smalls. Thanks for the candle tip. The can with jute is cute.

  • Thank you, Cheryl. Just a fun something to keep me occupied. xo, Do

  • Thanks, Tammy! I can’t wait to see what you create. You were on my mind when I painted the spindles. πŸ™‚ xo, Do

  • Thank you, Janice. Just a little fun something, something to keep busy. xo, Do

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  • I’m so sorry, Barb! Maybe a glitch. Please try again. I’d love to share more with you weekly.


  • I cannot believe that I found the face of all my trash to treasure projects ???? Hi nice to meet you teacher?

  • Hi Lisbely!
    Nice to meet you too. Be sure to sign up for my weekly emails so we can stay in touch. I share all my projects with my subscribers first. Take care and be safe.
    xo, Do

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