When Internet Friends Meet – Girly Trip Of A Lifetime

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When Internet Friends Meet - Girly Trip Of A Lifetime

Being a creative can be lonely at times and especially if you’re a blogger. That’s why I’m sharing our story today to let you know that finding a friend isn’t limited to your neighborhood, city or state. Friends are everywhere and with today’s technology they might just be an instant message away.

The Best Of Both Places

I can’t decide if I had more fun in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. But one thing for sure is that I had a wonderful time with my internet friend AKA as Wendy.

To set the scene… Wendy and I have been friends for a few years via Facebook and Instagram. We finally met in person for the first time at a furniture painting conference where I was teaching in New Jersey in 2019. That sealed the deal. She even made a t-shirt at the conference that said, “Where’s DO?”

She is now my REAL friend… you know since we actually were able to hug each other and share a glass of vino. Yeah, she’s cool like that.

The kind of friend that picks you up from the airport with vegan snacks because she knows you’re going to be hangry. 😆

Who would have thought that a TEXAS meat-eater would meet a Pennsylvania vegan and become good friends???

And you can fill in between the lines with giggles, belly laughs, and all kinds of corniness because it would take me days to share all the fun we had, but I’ll do my best to recall the events.

Day 1-2 New Jersey Beach House

The first night was time to unwind and take it all in. Her home in Ocean City, New Jersey is all you can imagine. My room was on the second floor complete with a kitchen and an amazing view from the balcony.

We sipped wine as we watched the sunset and shared all that we had. The good, bad, and the ugly.

Throughout the next 2 days, we became closer and closer as we learned we had so much in common. We shared secrets that will be ours forever. We’re sister-friends now.

We laughed a lot and especially at our selfies. We were photobombed by our own phone. 🤣

It was the girly trip of all time! Long walks on the beach followed by amazing food in a bowl at a roadside eatery. A bowl filled with fruits, some creamy stuff she called Acai, and cocoa nibs. And to top it off, it was drizzled with almond butter. I think I might be a vegan convert.

We shopped till we dropped and then we shopped some more and drove around in her electric car like queens. ♛

No, I didn’t purchase the glasses but I totally should have! What do you think?

Day 3-4 Home To Pensylvania

After an amazing 2 days at the beach house, we headed back to Wendy’s home in Pennsylvania. Oh, how I wished I had taken pictures. Time really went too fast.

Close your eyes and picture a charming home nestled in the trees with rock borders in a way that only could have been done by magic. It wasn’t unusual to see deer, squirrels, and even foxes in her backyard.

The next 2 days were filled with “more shopping” and girly fun! We stopped in this store in New Hope, PA that was filled with just about anything you can imagine and we ended up staying in the store for almost an hour. Such a cool place to visit. We had to buy t-shirts. LOVE SAVES THE DAY

I was fascinated with the Delaware River that connected New Jersey and Philadephia. I had to touch it.

And I got to see where George Washington crossed the Delaware River. Thank you for that, Bob.

My friend took me on long drives through the countryside on an empty tank of gas… 🤣 we made it home. Wendy assured me that she had 87 miles left in her tank. Obviously, she’s a risk-taker. One of the few differences we share.

A last-minute stop at an amazing market where I got to experience farmers that know how to harvest pumpkins with long stems. It’s my pet peeve.

On our last day, we spent at a Fall festival where families gathered to create scarecrows to decorate the town. I VOTE Beetle Juice to be the winner.

We danced to live music like no one was watching. I’m sure they were!


The moral of this story… look for friends everywhere. It was a chance in a lifetime that we met from Texas to New Jersey | Pennsylvania. I would have never dreamed of meeting someone so different but the same in so many ways. Here’s to good friends! 🥂

Blessings, Do

* A special thanks to BOB #bobsuptopia (Wendy’s hubster) for being such a good sport about our girly time. You made me laugh and smile, especially when you danced in the street. Your kindness and hospitality were much appreciated.



  1. DO!! You had me crying very happy tears reading this! You’re just too sweet. This was such a great visit with you. We were spontaneous and relaxed and every day was just easy to enjoy with a good friend. Even Bob said how much he liked seeing how truly grateful you were, enjoying your time here. You left us with full hearts of real friendship 😊 Thank you, sweet lady! On to the tree house 🤗 Much love to you xoxo.

  2. I LOVE seeing the pics AND reading about time spent together, and how your friendship grew! In my younger days that could have been ME. Thanks for sharing!! Made me feel young—–AGAIN!

  3. thanks for share So glad that you had such a wonderful time. You really needed it. Hugs to you, my friend.

  4. Love the cute selfies and good for you for treating yourself to a girl getaway! Looks like so much fun! XOXO

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