How To Paint Tiles & Stencil Around Your Fireplace

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I painted and then stenciled the tiles around my fireplace. I'm in LOVE!
How To Paint Tiles & Stencil Around Your Fireplace

We moved into our new builder’s grade home about 14 years ago. One of the design elements I never could get past in my home is why anyone would put floor tiles around a fireplace. My solution for those ugly floor tiles? Paint those suckers! It turned out so well! I have to admit I waited until the hubby was out of town before I started this project. He kind of frowns on all my painting to-dos. Ha! This isn’t the first, but I was bound and determined to show him how to paint tiles around the fireplace.

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How To Paint And Stencil Tiles – Fireplace Makeover

This space was so dark! Before I started, I cleaned the tiles with White Lightning from Dixie Belle. Having a clean surface is key in any painting project. You can get all the details in this video of how to paint tiles using the Slick-Stick bonding gripper before painting.

Have you always wanted to know how to paint tiles around your fireplace? I'll be happy to share my project with you.


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How To Stencil Tiles

Now that you know how to paint tiles let go over the stenciling. The direction with the Cutting Edge Stencil is to use a foam roller for the application. I prefer a makeup wedge/sponge. I find it much easier to control the amount of paint going over the stencil with this method. Yes, It takes a little more time, but the results are crisp and clean. Less is more with this method. How to paint the tiles is easy, but sometimes picking out the stencil is a challenge.

How to paint over tiles is fairly easy when you have the right supplies. I used a makeup sponge to painted over the stencil.

I used a spray adhesive to help keep the stencil in place and to prevent slips. You can use the painter’s tape to secure the stencil, but you risk the bleeding of your paint. I want perfection, and I know you do too. Spray the back of the stencil, and you’re ready to go. I sprayed the stencil several times as it loses a bit of its tackiness after several uses. The glue will not wash off, so if you want to reuse the stencil later, you may want to use the tape method instead.

Learning how to paint over tiles is the easy part. It's choosing the stencil pattern that gets my stumped.

Sealing the Painted Tiles

After applying the stencil, I allowed the painted tiles to dry overnight. To seal all of my beautiful work, I used Gator Hide by Dixie Belle Paint Co. It’s a hard, durable surface and perfect for this area of traffic.

The perfect sealer for painted tiles. #dododsondesigns #paintedtiles #paintsealer

What a change in the looks of this room!

What do you think about the painted tiles? Learning to paint tiles around your fireplace is a great way to brighten up a space.
I hope you enjoyed my post on how to paint tiles around your furniture. It was a lot of fun to see the transformation.

Guess what? I got the thumbs up from the hubs after it was all said and done. Whew! Thanks for hanging out with me today. It’s always fun when a plan comes together. So glad I got to show you how to paint tiles around those dark fireplaces. So much better! Don’t you agree? 

Until the next project… xo, Do