Easy French Farmhouse Dresser Makeover With Paint

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Easy French Farmhouse Dresser Makeover With Paint

Paint changes everything and it sure can change the feel, look, and style of furniture. French Provincial is so popular today and I’m seeing it mixed into so many different styles. From shabby chic all the way to French Farmhouse. That’s what I am going for today. A French Farmhouse Dresser!

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French Farmhouse Dresser Makeover

Beautiful French Farmhouse Dresser Makeover


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Before starting this French Farmhouse Dresser makeover, I began with the most important step in painting your furniture. Cleaning! I use Dixie Belle’s White Lighting mixed in a spray bottle of warm water. Mist over the surface and wipe clean. After cleaning I wiped down the whole piece again with clear water and a soft cloth to remove any residue of the cleaner.

French Country Farmhouse Makeover with Dixie Belle products.

The surface on this French Farmhouse Dresser was slick and I’ve painted enough of these to know it will need a bonder for the paint to stick. SLICK STICK by Dixie Bell is perfect for slick surfaces. I painted on one coat and allowed it to dry overnight before painting.

Mixing Custom Colors

Mixing these two colors created a beautiful farmhouse blue. Customize your color with Dixie Belle Paint.The color of blue I wanted for this French Farmhouse Dresser makeover was a rich country blue. Somewhere in between Cobalt Blue and Vintage Duck Egg. So that exactly what I did. I mixed the two to come up with my own farmhouse country blue. I used a 50/50 mixture to create this color.

Painting The French Farmhouse Dresser

I got a beautiful farmhouse blue by mixing Dixie Belle's Cobalt Blue and Duck Egg Blue. My oh my! Have you tried these new paintbrushes? This is my favorite so far. The round large. The paint just seemed to glide on. It’s a really nice brush. These would be great for blending too, but not on this project. I just wanted a clean painted look.

I got a beautiful farmhouse blue by mixing Dixie Belle's Cobalt Blue and Duck Egg Blue. Their new round large brush made the paint glide on. These brushes are amazing!This paintbrush holds a lot of paint and that, in my opinion, is better. That’s quicker painting for me with less work.

How To Get A Quick French Farmhouse Look With Paint

Classy French Farmhouse Dresser

French Farmhouse Dresser Makeover

Modern Colorful Cow Wall Decor 

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I love the look of this french farmhouse dresser. I hope you enjoyed my french farmhouse dresser makeover. I’d love to hear your experience with mixing styles and if you have a favorite. Or if you wanna see some more Frenchies… CLICK HERE to check out this modern metallic twist on this Frenchie!

Until the next project… xo, Do

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    1. Hi Kathie! The wall is a blackboard wall. I do most of my photos from this area in my home. It creates a dramatic background for my furniture. Thanks for stopping by.

      xo, Do

  1. Oh my, Donna you have me the color for my small china hutch cabinet. I stripped all the latex paint/ stain then I’m standing, paint with those colors mixed. Thanks your the greatest !

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