Must-Have Photography Equipment | Furniture Painting Business

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Must-Have Photography Equipment | Furniture Painting Business

With so much competition on social media these days, you must put your best efforts into creating great content. Your visuals need to be able to stand out in the crowd. If you are a blogger or a small online business owner, this list of photography equipment I have put together is what I use to create those knockout images of my furniture and home decor.

This post contains a few affiliate links to help you find the products I use. You are not charged extra to use any of the links, but any income I make will be used for more fun projects! To see my full disclaimer, click here. 

My Favorite Photography Equipment

Photography equipment is so important in creating content for an online business. Here are my must haves that I wouldn't want to be without.

My Camera

I’m a Nikon girl! Not because I’ve used all the brands, but because I stick with what works. This was my first professional DSLR camera and it’s still my go-to after 8 years. It’s great for beginners because it does have the auto setting that will allow you to point and shoot while you’re learning about all the bells and whistles it has to offer. Photography equipment shouldn’t be scary if you’re just starting. Oh, and don’t forget you can shoot amazing videos as well.


Camera Lenses

I also have other lenses that I purchased separately like this “nifty fifty” 50mm lens.  If you’re into portrait photography, this is a great lens. This lens has a range of aperture values (f-stop) to allow more light on your subject. This is nice when you’re trying to capture that depth of field AKA dreamy blurred background. Also known as the bokeh effect. 
This is a great little lens that I like to use in my portrait photography.This wide-angle lens is great for when I’m taking pictures that need a wide field of view. Example: Like the interior of my home. I can capture the entire room while standing in the room. Not just any lens will do this. It’s also is my go-to for those dreamy landscapes photos that give me artistic inspiration.

A wide angle lens is great for taking photos in small, tight spaces. It gives a wide field of view.


128 GD SD Card

I never realized how much the SD Card plays a roll in the functionality of your camera. It’s important to buy a fast SD card. I recommend 128GB with a speed of 95 MB/s or higher like this one.

SD cards are equally important pieces of photography equipment.

Flash For Your Camera

Let’s talk about external flashes. Typically I don’t use a flash in my furniture photography, but when I’m shooting a dark open room, the light from this flash is great enough to bounce off the ceiling and light up the whole room resulting in a bright, well-lit photo. Great lighting = great photos.

Having an external light on my camera helps when I have a dark room that I need to shoot.


Photography Equipment | Lighting

You will also need a light kit for those photos that just need extra light. While I try to have natural light (from my window) for my photography, that just isn’t always possible. Time is money and waiting for the right day and the lighting situation slows my business down. When I need content, I need it now and having extra lighting is key for those times.Another crucial must have in my photography equipment are these umbrella lights. A well lit photo is everything to a blogger.


Camera Tripod

The tripod. If you’re a blogger you are probably going to taking pictures of yourself or your hands of you doing whatever it is you do. It’s also great for holding your camera steady when you need a steady hand and they even make a wireless remote that allows you to get a quick photo of yourself or the family shots that you’re always missing from because you’re the family photographer.

Tripods are a necessary piece of photography equipment when you need camera stability and are also great for holding the camera while videoing.


Lightroom CC For Editing Photos

And, because I believe every photo should be edited, I use Lightroom CC. This is a great program that allows you not only to edit your photos but also to store them in the creative cloud so that you don’t fill up your hard drive on your computer with huge files. I’ve used Lightroom for about 13 years now and I can’t imagine using any other program.

Lightroom CC is my go-to editing tool for all my photos. A must have for serious online bloggers and business owners.There ya have it! My must-have photography equipment for bloggers and online business owners based on my collection! I would suggest starting small with an entry-level camera and kit lens. It’s a great way to start learning the basics of photography. I would also highly recommend learning how to shoot in manual as soon as possible. These cameras are meant to be shot in manual, and are capable of so much more than the auto mode! Learning the manual mode will make you a better photographer and allow you to develop your signature style. Please let me know if you have any questions.





  1. I have followed you with your furniture refinishing, however this was a interesting article and very helpful.
    I have considered myself an amateur with photography and didn’t realize that photography would be an advantage to posting my upcycled work
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