How To Decorate Wood Letters With A Unique Style

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How To Decorate Wood Letters With A Unique Style

Adding a personalized touch to my home and office has always been important to me and when Signopoly reached out to me and offered to send me my initial D, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to paint wood letters and use my favorite accent color… GOLD! In other words, add BLING!

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How to paint wood letters with a unique style.

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Don't throw away the cutout from wood letters! Re-purpose them.Not only did I receive the wood letter D, but they also threw in the cutout and backer board. Score! As a result, I was able to create 4 projects that can be used in my home, staging with my furniture and in my office. I’m excited to share this with you!

Disclosure: These extra pieces are not typically sold with the wood letters but only to show how you can create multiple projects from the leftovers cutouts. 

Painting The Backer Board For The Cutout

I painted the backer board with a water based gel stain to create a wood grain look.Apply the Gel Stain in two different colors on the backer board and blend with a soft cotton cloth. Doing this will allow you to work with the gel stain and blend them flawlessly. It’s a great look!

How to create a fax wood grain look with water based gel stains.By blending the two colors, (like an ombre effect) I was able to create a faux wood grain look on the board.

I painted crisp clean lines on the backer board that I used for my painted letters.Next, you will need to tape off the lines between the two colors. This is best done by using paper tape. No measuring needed.  I like that the faux boards are of different sizes. Of course, you can freehand the lines without tape, but I wanted crisp clean lines to distinguish the look of the faux boards. The look is your preference.

Next, I used a white wax to give the faux wood an aged appearance.Next, use a white wax to give the faux wood an aged appearance. This adds a level of authenticity. This technique could be used on your furniture makeovers too. Hmmmmm… note to self. Try this on the top of a wooden dresser.

Painting The Wood Letters

Painting wood letters and adding your personal style is a great way to create a unique look in your home decor.Apply 2-3 coats of your favorite Metallic paint to your wood letter.

I added metallic paint to my wood letter for a great look.You’ll need a really good paintbrush when you’re painting with metallics to get the best results on your painted wood letters. I recently painted a dresser with this same color and it turned out well. CLICK HERE to see a great example of this color on furniture. It’s amazing!

Holy Gold Glitter!

Holly Glitter Bat Man! I painted my wood letter with glitter paint to create a unique look.So, I told you I was going to show you how to paint wood letters with a unique style… how about some glitter paint??? Paint three coats of the glitter paint on the lower 1/3 of the wood letter to give it that dipped look for best coverage. I used an inexpensive chip paintbrush with this paint so I wouldn’t mess up my good paintbrushes. I like it easy and disposable. [convertkit form=724904]

And MORE GOLD On Painted Wood Letters!

Try adding gold leaf to a wood letter for a painted holly wood glam look.Next, let’s add some Gold Leaf to the wood letter! Why not? To add another layer of bling, use a gold leafing kit. Add the gold leafing in a straight line where the glitter paint begins on the wood letter and gradually break the design away. Use a small artist paintbrush to apply the glue in the areas you want the gold leaf and seal with a water-based top coat of your choice.

The Results Of Painting Wood Letters Project

I painted a faux wood finish on this piece of plywood to use in my home decor. You can too!I used the backer board in two ways. It looks good with a wreath or as a layer of design in my home decor staging.

Custom painted wood letter cutouts with a faux painted wood backer board.Or it can be used as the backdrop for the wood letter cutout.

Why not paint the the cutout from wood letters and use in your home decor.And the cutout can be used as-is. Super cute!

I'm in love with my painted wood letter! It has metallic paint, glitter paint and gold leaf! #dododsondesigns #howtopaintwoodletters #woodletters #diyhomedecorAnd of course the pièce de résistance (said in the best french voice I have)… my painted wood letter D! Do is one happy girl right now and my personalized letter has found its home in my office. It looks nice on my upcycled picture frame I did a few weeks back. Want to see how I created it??? CLICK HERE!

I personalized my home office with a painted wood letter and added my unique design style.So, whatcha think? Would you paint wood letters for your home or office? I up-cycled a large frame and added a faux shiplap to display my wood letter. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. Inspire me!

* Special thanks to Signopoly for sponsoring this project.

Until the next project… xo, Do

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  1. Hi Do! You have such a creative mind and i admire that. Look at the way the gold is dripping down!! I wish i could think outside the box like you. Thank you for all your inspiration.

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