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These vintage 1920’s Peerless Reproducer Cathedral Wooden Vintage Speakers are the find of the century for me. I found these gems at The Re-Store with Habitat For Humanity. There’s just too much history not to save them and I remember Grandma talking about how they would all sit around and listen to the programs. Can you imagine no TV?

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 Farmhouse Makeover On Vintage Speakers

Come see the Farmhouse Makeover I did on these vintage speakers!

Just look at these beauties! I couldn’t wait to dig in and get them all cleaned up and painted. These will be the perfect addition to my farmhouse decor.

Peerless Vintage Speakers

Supplies used for this project:

Disassembling The Vintage Speakers

Before the makeover, I removed the screws that held on the back to remove the parts from inside the vintage speakers. I started my project by removing the backs of the vintage speakers. The wood backs were not in good shape and were showing the test of time, but the cathedral wood design cut into the wood was salvageable.

I removed all of the insides of the vintage speakers before the makeover. The screws were completely rusted so removing them was the best option.

Cleaning Up The Broken Pieces

I used my jigsaw to cut away the broken pieces of these vintage speakers. Carefully I cut away all the broken pieces on the vintage speakers with my Jigsaw.

I cut away the broken pieces of these vintage speakers before painting them. The Jig Saw left a rough edge on the wood, so I lightly sanded the edges smooth with a 220 grit sandpaper. I’m happy the way turned out. [et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_7]

These vintage speakers are getting a makeover of their life!

Adding Beauty To The Wood

Vintage speakers are a great find! I used a Dark Walnut Old Masters Gel Stain for the inside. With a small piece of cheesecloth, I wiped all the insides and the back pieces that would be facing inwards. I wanted the insides to be dark and by doing this it will really make the inside dark.

Painting The Wooden Vintage SpeakersI added a chalky based paint to these vintage speakers for a farmhouse style makeover.

After the gel stain had completely dried overnight, I painted the outside of the wooden vintage speakers with a chalky based paint. I applied 2 coats and lightly distressed it back to the wood after the paint was dry with a 220 grit sandpaper.

I nailed the backs of the vintage speakers before painting them. These are going to be amazing!

I love how these vintage speakers are being transformed into farmhouse home decor. The addition of a sweet little farmhouse style stencil was applied for a touch of a vintage farmhouse on these vintage speakers. Oh my goodness, are they ever cute?! I used an old snuff jar as a vase for flowers.

Vintage Speakers make great farmhouse decor on a budget!



How to easily re-purpose vintage speakers into farmhouse decor. Thank you for joining me for this walk back into history. This project gives me such joy and I love sharing them with you. Here’s another makeover I did on an old vintage chest of drawers. The end results were amazing!

Until the next project…