18 Insane Elf On The Shelf Mischievous Ideas

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Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas with a hershey kiss.

For years, I have been creating Elf on the shelf mischievous ideas for my Grandkids; truth be known, it was for the adults, too. We started this tradition years ago when my daughter-in-law gave me the elf on a shelf as a gift to share with my Grandkids. Of course, I ran with it! Let the mischief begin!

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*Updated post… Our Grandkids had fun through the years with their Elf. The Elf magic is no longer a thing at Grandma’s house but I enjoyed every minute of it. Happy, the Elf on a shelf now lives with another family, and the last I heard, he is still creating havoc and bringing joy to children in December 🙂

It’s All About The Kids, Right?

Our son is a football coach, and I’m pretty sure this was his idea of the perfect outfit for our little Elf. Notice the football jersey he’s sporting?

I think next year I will be ordering Happy a new outfit. I found these on Amazon. CLICK HERE to see more outfit ideas. 

We start posing and photographing the magical elf the day after Thanksgiving. I just had to add a little Thanksgiving Turkey humor for the grown-up kiddos. 

Elf on a Shelf also comes in a girls’ version; you can choose different colored eyes and skin for your elf.

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For more fun and mischievous Elf ideas, CLICK HERE.

Elf on the shelf mischievous ideas stealing the left overs.

For more adult Elf humor, check out Snoop On A Stoop if you’re a hip-hop fan of the 80s.

LOL, don’t say I didn’t warn you! This Elf doll is for adult humor only. But he is the life of the party!

*Rated R

Snoop On A Stoop

Can We Call This Spooning?

Elf on the shelf mischievous ideas can be easy when you think outside of the box. Add your cheeky little Elf to your silverware organizer. 

The kiddos just think it’s funny, but we adults know all about spooning. hee hee

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas spooning with the dinnerware.


Lord forbid we leave a Sharpie marker out! It’s funny faces for everyone! Not even the bananas are safe.

It appears Happy had a little help from the minions on the kitchen counter with this one. No bananas were injured during this little stunt. 

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas with the minions.

All Aboard The North Pole Train

All aboard the SHOE SHOE train! I warned you. This is a great last-minute, easy Elf idea. 

It’s my weird sense of humor. I’ll never grow up! I love coming up with these funny elf ideas. 

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas riding the shoe shoe train!

Stay Out Of The Kitchen

Stop SANTA! I want off! The kids laughed out loud when they saw Happy spinning in the mixing bowl. Sometimes, I have to send a video to the kiddos of his outrageous antics. Photos are worth a thousand words but a video tells all. 

Kitchen Aide Mixers are a lifesaver during the holidays. Every kitchen needs one, and I love mine.

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas playing ring around the Kitchen Aide.

Stevie Wonder | Piano Humor

For once in my life, I have someone who needs me… Looking for easy money! These Elf on the Shelf mischievous ideas are getting out of hand. Ha!

Our Grands love plinking away at the piano keys when they are at our house, so I thought this would be a fun way to make them smile. The adults cracked up over this one! Who doesn’t love Stevie Wonder?

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas mocking Stevie Wonder.

Here, kitty kitty!

With Happy the Elf around, not even the cat is safe. Here’s a fun way to set up your Elf on a Shelf for the cat or animal lovers in your home. Leave a food trail leading back to the feeding bowl with the Elf sitting patiently waiting. Oh, my word. Imagine the look on the cat’s face.

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas taunting the cats.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid

It’s a MAJOR Award! I purchased this lamp for Mr. Honey Do a few years ago. He still thinks it is the best gift ever! And obviously, so does Happy. 

Rated PG!

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas with a MAJOR AWARD!

Syrup Sugar High

Notice he didn’t choose the sugar-free syrup. Oh, Happy. What are we going to do with you?

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas getting a sugar rush.

Q-Tip Art

It’s always fun to spell out a child’s name with Q-tips. A little personalization will really impress the older kids, too. Get creative with your message for Santa Claus.

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas with Q-tip art.

Sprinkles For Santa

Even milk tastes better with sprinkles, and especially with cookies. Imagine how Santa will feel when he sees his magical Elf eating his Christm as cookies and milk. 

You’re a naughty little Elf.

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas sprinkles make everything better.

A Bird In The Christmas Tree

I added a little whipped cream to the Elf’s head and face. They say a bird in the hand is messy, but a bird in a Christmas tree can be dangerous for a cheeky but funny elf. Ha, ha, the joke on you, little guy. 

Bird 1 Elf 0

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas that a bird in the hand is messy, but a bird in the tree is dangerous.

Paper Towel Fun

~name that tune~ Roll On by Alabama

Sing it with me! 

Roll on Brawny, roll on along.
Roll on Brawny till you get back home.
Roll on Brawny, roll on through.
Roll on, Brawny, like I asked you to do.
And roll on extra strength, Brawny, ROLL ON!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I should write commercials. 🙂

*No toilet paper rolls were injured during this stunt. LOL

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas playing with the paper towels.

Antibacterial Soap Dispenser

Wash your hands and say your prayers because Santa and germs are everywhere. Don’t be a nasty little elf!

Love, Happy xo

*Rated PG 

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas with antibacterial soap.

More Elf On A Shelf Mischief

Got Milk? Happy sure does! I found him in the refrigerator with my ceramic cow pitcher. Happy, you’re a funny elf. I wonder if he knows the difference. 

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas GOT MILK!

Mirror Held By The Hand

A mirror, a mirror held by the hand… who is the fairest little HAPPY Elf man? Who needs a bathroom mirror at this angle? 

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas feeling reflective.

Gonna Get Me A Kiss!

Looking for love in all the wrong places. I laughed so hard doing this one! 

Elf on the shelf mischievious ideas looking for a kiss.

And The Prize Goes To…

Happy is baking chocolate DROP cookies. I can’t even find the words for this shinanigan. 

Elf on the shelf mischievous ideas with cookies.

I hope you enjoyed my twisted sense of humor and holiday fun ideas that you can use with your family. 

We aren’t promised a tomorrow and I want to spend as much time as possible with my Grands, even if they’re not nearby. With all the technology available, I’m just a picture or video away.

Merry Christmas from my home to yours! Oh, and Happy Holidays from Happy the Magical Elf, too.