Effortless DIY Drop Cloth Window Treatments

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DIY Drop Cloth Window Treatments
Effortless DIY Drop Cloth Window Treatments

Hello creative friends! A few years ago, I decided that my living room windows (one of the things I love about our home) were a tad bit boring. When we moved into our home15 years ago, I loved how the natural light flowed into our open-concept space, and I didn’t want to hang curtains to block that natural light source. So, I opted for vertical blinds because we did need the privacy. Hello, there neighbor! But it lacked in the “homey feeling department.” The windows needed a softness without blocking that beautiful view of my back yard. So, I decided to try this idea in my head called a DIY drop cloth window treatment, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve had many requests to blog about how I did them, so I’m sharing it with you today.

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Effortless DIY Drop Cloth Window Treatments

Gather Your Supplies

*The windows in my living room are 3ft x 6ft for your reference.

The BEST drop cloths for DIY window treatments.

STEP 1: Cutting The Drop Cloth

Yes, there is a bit of work that goes into creating these panels. Just a bit. To get started, you’ll need to cut the 6X9 drop cloth into two pieces lengthwise. That means you split them right down the center. What you will have after cutting are two 3X9 pieces of drop cloth.

STEP 2: Hemming The Drop Cloth Window Panels

Now, you can do 1 out of 2 things.

1. You can choose to hem the side panels (raw edges) or you can opt to use a no-sew iron-on hemming tape.

2. Or you can do it the old fashioned way and use the traditional sewing method. I chose to sew the sides of the panels. I didn’t want to miss out on showing you my new sewing machine. It probably does more than I am capable of, but it will get used.

After cutting the drop cloth panels, use your sewing machine or no-sew iron on hem tape to finish the look.

STEP 3: How To Drape Your DIY Drop Cloth Window Panels

Using your hand, gather the drop cloth panel to make large pleats before pulling them through the hanger. Next, pull the drop cloth panel through the hanger leaving large pleats at the fold. This will allow the DIY drop cloth window treatments to hang nicely. Now, you’re ready to hang your DIY drop cloth window treatments. You’ll want to make some minor adjustments once they are in place, but don’t let that “they have to be perfect” stand in your way. These drop cloth window treatments are meant to be organic and natural-looking. Mine are NOT all the same.

Using your hand, gather the drop cloth panel to make large pleats before pulling them through the hanger.
Pull the drop cloth panel through the hanger leaving large pleats at the fold. This will allow the DIY drop cloth window treats to hang nicely.

Drop Cloth Window Treatments That Don’t Block Light

DIY Drop Cloth Window Treatments

I love the simplicity of this design around my windows instead of the usual curtains. It softens the wall without blocking all that beautiful light.

Bonus! They’re animal friendly. When the pups get them dirty, I pop them in the washer, and they’re good as new.

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Until the next project… xo, Do



  1. I love your curtains! And they’re so simple to make. Did you dye or bleach the canvas before sewing them? I imagine you prewashed them to take shrinking into consideration. Did they come with the seam half way up?
    Thank you for sharing and answering my questions.

    1. Hello Jerri,
      I did prewash them. It’s a must, or else when you do wash them they shrink horribly. I did not bleach or dye. These drop cloths were purchased from Lowes, and I was disappointed when I saw the seam. But I decided to use them anyway. The seam is constant with each panel, so it appears to be designed that way… I don’t hate them. If they were for curtains, I would not have used them. The ones I get at Walmart don’t have the seams. Lesson learned. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my gosh. I love these. Moving into a new home soon. Not a custom home but a ranch style home, and its perfect. I so am going to do these down the road. I told my hairdresser today and she said OH MY. I need these in my life. Do you are such an inspiration soul. Your creativity is endless. And God Bless you for taking the time to blog all this for us, not so creative minds 24/7. Thank you. Hugs.

    1. OMG, Denise! That’s terrific news. Congrats! I’m so happy you are enjoying my projects. This came at just the right time because we, too, just purchased a ranch home, and I have tons of ideas that I’ll be sharing. I haven’t shared this info with my readers yet, but I will soon. Stay tuned for more! πŸ™‚ xo

  3. Ok you talked me into it. We just moved into a brand new house and I was wondering what to do about curtains. I’ve seen you blog about drop clothes for curtains a few times but didn’t think they were for me. After yesterday’s blog I really started to think about them. I was worried about how stiff they would be, but you covered that. Then today when you showed how you hung yours I was sold! Did you use fabric softener when you washed yours? I read all your blogs, they get me thinking or should I say dreaming about what I can do. Thank you, I’m off to walmart.

    1. Hey Mindy!
      It’s good to hear from you. I did add fabric softener but the best way to get them soft is to bleach them. I’ll be sending you a post on that too in a few days. The ones I bleached are the softest. But multiple washes help a lot. I think you’ll love the organic feel and look of them. I’ll never go back to the old drapes. Let me know how yours turn out. πŸ™‚ xo

  4. What a wonderful solution to “soften” the windows! I love the long view of the multiple windows with this treatment. It is a clean, and not overly-fussy, look. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Do!! I will have to check out the related videos too now! 😘

    1. Hi Lisa!
      I’m happy that you enjoyed this post. I have a whole series of drop cloth projects and I’m currently working on another. Look at the bottom of each post or you can search the website to find other projects. Have a beautiful weekend. πŸ™‚ xo

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