How I Made Hobby Lobby Knobs Fit Using Washers

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Who doesn't love those Hobby Lobby knobs? #dododsondesigns #hobbylobbyknobs

Who doesn’t love those beautiful from Hobby Lobby knobs? One problem that I frequently run across when working with vintage furniture is that the holes in drawers are never the same. This creates a problem that can be fixed one of two ways. I’ll show you both.

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Hobby Lobby Knobs

Who doesn't love those Hobby Lobby knobs? #dododsondesigns #hobbylobbyknobsI found these mercury glass decorative knobs from Hobby Lobby and I knew I had to have them. So girly and absolutely perfect for my project! But, there was just a slight problem…

The Solution To The Problem

How to correct oversized holes to compensate for your Hobby Lobby knobs. #dododsondesigns #hobbylobbyknobsThe hole in the drawer was a lot larger than the screw on the hardware. This created a problem. A wobbly problem! The way I see it, I had two options here.

  1. Fill the hole with wood filler, allow it to dry, sand it with sandpaper till smooth,  and redrill the hole to the appropriate size. I would use my Ryobi drill for this kind of job. That’s too much work! The more than likely I would have to repaint the whole drawer going this route.
  2.  Use a fender washer to create a larger surface covering the hole for the nut to secure to the back. This is an easier way to work around holes that are too large for the Hobby Lobby Knobs.

How to correct oversized holes to fit a Hobby Lobby knob. #hobbylobbyknob







Use a fender washer on the inside of the drawer to cover a whole that is too large for the nut. Secure the Hobby Lobby knob with no problems. #hobbylobbyknobSimply slip the fender washer over the screw and tighten the nut to hold the Hobby Lobby knob in place.

Hobby Lobby knobs #hobbylobbyknobsOf course, I have to show you the full meal deal. The decorative knobs couldn’t have been more perfect for my project.

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