Ideas To Spark Your Next Farmhouse Glam Furniture Makeover

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Ideas To Spark Your Next Farmhouse Glam Furniture Makeover
Ideas To Spark Your Next Farmhouse Glam Furniture Makeover

Ah yes, farmhouse glam furniture. While I love the whole farmhouse style, that over-the-top part of me that loves all things sparkly. And guess what? I’m not the only one. When I presented a project with Tammy Graves with Rustic Orchard Home, the answer was an immediate yes. I love her style! Together, we will demonstrate a few techniques and tips on glam up your farmhouse style on a budget and have a lot of fun in the process. Especially if you and a friend work together. ♥

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Ideas To Spark Your Next Farmhouse Glam Makeover

How adorable is this vintage washstand? I got the little dresser for a steal because it had been previously painted. I’m not a pink girl at all, BUT it had a charm that I couldn’t pass up. Even the pulls were mismatched. 


Ideas To Spark Your Next Farmhouse Glam Furniture Makeover

The Prep Work

As always, the prep work comes first, and I dread this part. I put my white lightning solution in a spray bottle and mist over the surface of my furniture, and wiped down my piece with a cotton cloth before painting. After it dried, I went back and wiped it down a second time with a damp cloth to remove a residue product. It removes all the dirt, grime, oils, and anything else that might cause your finish to fail. Easy peasy!

I started the makeover with one coat of BOSS over the whole piece. I didn’t want to take any chances of bleed-through with the existing pink paint. The risk of bleeding is always there when painting furniture. It’s a good insurance policy that my finish will be perfect every time.

I used BOSS to prevent bleed through on my dresser before painting.

Painting Your Farmhouse Glam Furniture

I applied one coat (yep, I said one coat) of a beautiful color called buttercream. In my opinion, it’s the perfect farmhouse color. It reminds me of Grandma’s furniture that she painted white, but the finish had aged and discolored over time. That’s the look I was wanting.

This paint color was perfect for the farmhouse glam look I was going for on this dresser.

Why Paintbrushes Matter

Brushes matter! Your painted finish will be a good as the quality of your paintbrush. Makes sense, right? I used a Zibra Paintbrush to apply this paint color. A nice rounded tip brush provided a smooth and even coat of paint. I’m anxious to try out more of their brushes. You can find these unique brushes at ZIBRA PAINTING and try them out too. I want to try them all.

A good quality paintbrush will give you the best paint finish on your furniture. Don't skimp on your brush!

Wet Distressed

I also painted over the handles. Sacrilege! That’s what my Grandma would have done. Most importantly, before the paint had thoroughly dried, I used a damp cotton cloth to wet distress the pulls to create a worn, chippy effect on the paint.

Wet distressing paint to get a chippy look is easy with painting furniture and even the hardware.


Watch the LIVE video … Farmhouse Glamming together here. ⇓

Adding these antique bronze oval knobs from Hobby Lobby dressed this little piece up. It was just the right amount of bling for me because a girl can always use more sparkle in her life!

Hobby Lobby knobs! What else can I say?
These Hobby Lobby knobs added just the right amount of farmhouse glam to this furniture makeover!
Ideas To Spark Your Next Farmhouse Glam Furniture Makeover
Ideas To Spark Your Next Farmhouse Glam Furniture Makeover

Hey, thanks for hanging out with us. We had so much fun! WE love to hear from you. What have you done to add that Farmhouse Glam to your home? And as always, we would love to hear from you. Or say hello in the comment section below, so we know you were here.

Until the next project… xo, Do