Easy DIY Chalkboard Charger Decor

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsigns

They know me all too well. I just can’t say no to FREE stuff. It’s one of my weaknesses. My son and daughter in law gave me all their leftover plastic chargers from their wedding. For years now, they have set on a shelf in the garage, just calling to me every time I walk by and threatening to throw them away. So, what’s a gal to do? She goes to Pinterest for inspiration. Chalkboard decor! Today’s project was a fun one. Like what project isn’t fun, right?

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Quick And Easy Way To Make DIY Chalkboard Charger Decor

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsignsChargers have a circular indentation that allows plates to set inside them as a holder so they don’t slip. They’re perfect for a small chalkboard. My HOME decor idea called for 4 of them. I started with my 3m painter’s tape and taped off the pattern I wanted. I have a fancy for stripes, so you know what I picked for my design.

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsignsAfter carefully taping off, I found some leftover Krylon gold metallic spray paint in multiple gold colors. One was a shiny metallic and the other was a more muted gold. Because the chargers were already metallic silver, I only needed to spray 2 of them. The other 2 would remain silver. With a quick light spraying, they were dry in about 30 minutes. I carefully removed the tape to reveal the pattern. NICE!

Painting Your Charger Plates

You’ll need really good chalkboard paint. Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint comes in multiple colors, but honestly… if you are just making home decor and don’t plan on changing out the lettering, I would just use a chalk-based paint. These chalkboard charges aren’t really going to be used as a chalkboard. It will just have the appearance. I painted 2 coats of a color called Burlap (a nice neutral color) by Dixie Belle Paint Co. and allowed ample drying time between coats. I let it sit overnight just to be sure that the paint was well cured.

Applying The Stencils To Your Chalkboard Decor

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsignsCarefully I traced around my stencil (or you could do freehand) with a pencil and then used a Blami Chalk Marker to do the rest. I prefer the markers to regular chalk sticks. The markers give you cleaner lines and without smudging. You’ll need a steady hand, so you may want to go light on the coffee the day of. Ha! It’s was that simple.

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsigns

Hanging The Chalkboard Decor

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsignsNow you’ll need a hanger for the back. Soft drink pull tabs make great hangers for DIY projects. E6000 crafter’s glue holds them in place nicely. Be SURE to let the glue dry well… or something bad will happen! Trust me on this one.

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsignsWell, I got in a big hurry to hang my plates on the wall and I didn’t quite wait long enough for the glue on the back to dry. *insert broken heart* CRASH! They do break when dropped on a porcelain tile.

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsigns

How To Make Easy DIY Chalkboard Decor #dododsondesigns #chalkboarddecor #chalkboards #diychalkboard #chalkboardsigns #smallchalkboardsigns #walldecor #diywalldecor

All was saved because I have 19 more charger plates to repurpose. It only took me a bit to create another one. I hope this inspires you to look around and find items that can be repurposed into the amazing home decor on a budget.

If you loved this chalkboard decor project, go check out a project I did with (CLICK HERE) Habitat For Humanity  It cost almost nothing to make!

Until the next project… ​


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