I never knew second hand furniture could look this beautiful!

Second Hand Furniture To Consider For Your Next Makeover

While I’m not new to second hand furniture, this one was probably a little more than second hand. Third or fourth is more like it. The chest appeared to have been painted a vintage green a good while ago, judging by the color. I shall call her the GREEN GODDESS. She was the dirtiest, grungiest chest EVER and had about a bazillion spider eggs from probably 20 years ago all tufted up nicely underneath her. You now those little round balls attached to spider webs? No shortage of that either. Let’s just say I made a little noise when I flipped it over. I swear I hit the motherload with this one. Oh, and then there was the smoke smell. It was so bad that I had to air it out for 2 months on my porch. The GREEN GODDESS needed me in the worst way.

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The Second Hand Furniture Makeover

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For starters, one of the doors were broken beyond repair. It appeared that someone had even tried glueing them back together at one point, but the break was clean and lengthwise down the door. Really, no good way to salvage it.


How to measure and get a perfect fit for a broken cabinet door.


The only thing to do was to make new ones. I simply used the original wood door as my pattern and outlined it using my carpenter pencil. I used the straight edge of 2 sides of the board and then cut the other two with my Ryobi Circular Saw. It made a clean straight line. My Makita rotary sander was used to smooth out the edges and get it ready for paint.

I use a lot of different tools when doing furniture makeovers on second hand furniture. Click HERE to see my my 10 favorite tools for furniture makeovers. 


10 Tools Guaranteed to Make Your Furniture Project Easier


I removed the detailed molding from these drawers to match the new doors I made. This makeover turned out better than I thought it would.


Because the original doors had ornate detailing, I decided to remove the molding on the drawers to match the new doors. With a paint scraper and hammer, I managed to get most of it off of the drawer facing. It wasn’t smooth at all, but I was able to smooth it down using my hand sander. And yes, I realize that I should have used a wood chisel. I was lazy and grabbed the first sharp looking tool I could find. Ha!


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I removed a lot of vintage paper from this makeover. I saved the paper for a future project.


The drawers were lined with this beautiful vintage paper. I did manage to save a few big pieces for future projects.


How to replacing broken cabinet doors on second hand furniture.


I  used the original hardware to attach the doors. When replacing parts on furniture, I try to reuse as much as I can. Especially hardware. Some of the newer hardware doesn’t always fit properly on older furniture. This can be a challenge.


Choosing A Design For The Green Goddess

What a great combo for a furniture makeover! Second hand furniture makeover.


This is always the hardest part for me. I had ordered this Modern Master Metal Effects Paint a few months ago. I was just waiting for the right piece. Initially the plan was to paint it black with a rusty finish. About 5 minutes before I actually started painting, I changed my mind! Who does that???


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What a crazy makeover! Who would have thought that rust would look so good on furniture? Second hand furniture makeover.



The final step in this makeover was to add the oxidizing iron paint with the rust activator. You won't believe how this chest of drawers turned out!


Sapphire blue, Robins Egg blue and Weathervane gray were the colors for the base coat. You can see more yummy Wise Owl Colors HERE! A blending method was used with a Cling On Paint Brush, a spray bottle with water, putty knife and a sponge. to create the colors and texture before the iron oxidizing paint was applied. It was like magic happening right before my eyes!

The inside of the chest was cleaned with Lemon Verbena Furniture Salve. It conditioned the wood, neutralized the odors and then I added it to the drawer runs to make the drawers glide like new. This stuff is amazing!

Furniture salve. The best smelling stuff ever! No more more musty smelling furniture.


Rust Never Looked So Good On Second Hand Furniture

How to use oxidizing iron paint on second hand furniture.



How to use oxidizing iron paint on second hand furniture.



I wouldn't have ever dreamed that rust would looks this good on second hand furniture. Second hand furniture makeover. #repurposed



The rusty finish that was created on this cabinet door can be added to almost anything. Even furniture!


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Until the next project… xo, Do