THE Creative Makers TRIBE

Want to learn more about interior styling and decorative furniture painting? If so, this TRIBE is just what you’ve been looking for. My passion is to teach women design styles and unique ways to create a beautiful home without a lot of money. Or guys!

Scared of the paint brush? Does the whole thought of painting furniture make you freeze up in your tracks? Just don’t know where to start? I can teach you how to take those small steps that will turn into giant leaps. Soon you will be wanting to paint everything in sight. I’ll never forget how good it felt to paint my first piece. That was years ago, but the passion is still strong today. There’s just something about taking that ugly dresser and making it beautiful again.

If you’re an advanced furniture painter and do this for a living or as a part time business, you know how hard selling your beautiful work can be. I struggled too in the beginning and for the last 5 years, I have been painting furniture and selling to the public while working a full time job in nursing. The extra income was nice, but last year I took a leap of faith and went full time with my creative furniture painting business and watched it grow quickly. It didn’t happen overnight, but during that time I did figured out what worked through trial and error and I want to share it with you. Your furniture is way too pretty not to get the eyeballs it deserves. You need to step up your game, friend! You can be the best furniture painter in the world, but if your photos don’t tell a story, it won’t sell. Your business won’t grow and your social media will be stuck FOREVER! 

Wanna know one of my secrets? AMAZING creative staging of my furniture! Makes total sense, doesn’t it? Think about what catches your eye when you’re scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. Great images! We all know that a photo is worth a thousand words, but it has to be a great subject properly displayed as well. I can help you with that too!

What’s Inside of THE Creative Makers TRIBE

  • 4 of my most popular DIY decorative painting tutorials that includes my Faux Wood Finish for Garage Doors
  • 1 additional new decorative furniture painting tutorial each month
  • 1 furniture staging and design tutorial new each month based on that months project
  • 1 monthly guest DIY instructor each month
  • #QQ (quick questions) ask questions in the group to get the answers you need
  • #feedback share your project in the group to get constructive feedback
  • #reveals share your projects with others to inspire them
  • LIVE Q & A every Friday (question and answers)

Be you, be your own style


THE Creative Makers TRIBE opens 02/01/2018. Want to be notified when spots become available? Just tell me where to notify you. I can’t wait to see you in the TRIBE.

Afraid of the paint brush? Want beautiful decorative furniture in your home? Do you paint furniture for a living? Check out The Creative Makers TRIBE!

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