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Want to learn more about creative furniture painting and growing an online business? If so, this TRIBE is just what you’ve been looking for. My passion is to teach women design styles and unique ways to create beautiful furniture and grow an online business. Stop killing yourself trying to paint 20 pieces of furniture a month. There’s a better way!

If you’re already painting furniture full time or as a side gig to make a little extra, you know how hard selling your beautiful work can be. I struggled too in the beginning and for 5 years I had painted furniture and was selling it to the public… while working a full time job in nursing. It was insane! I knew I had to make the transition or lose my mind! I just couldn’t do both. Is this you?

I ain’t gonna lie, the transition was tough, but everyday I would connect another dot, another piece to the puzzle. I like to call this “connecting the dots”. It didn’t happen overnight, but during that time I figured out what worked. Through trial and error I started seeing an amazing growth and strength from within me that I never knew I had. I’m not the same woman I was 10 years ago. Thank GOD!

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Your furniture is way too pretty not to get the eyeballs it deserves. You need to step up your game, girlfriend! You can be the best furniture painter in the world, but if you’re not marketing yourself, your business won’t grow and your social media will be stuck FOREVER! 

Wanna know one of my secrets? Get noticed! Step out in front of your audience. Makes total sense, doesn’t it? Think about what catches your eye when you’re scrolling  through Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. Great images! We all know that a photo is worth a thousand words, but it has to be a great subject properly displayed as well. I can help you with creative staging too! It’s my thang!

Or maybe you just wanna hang out with other super talented, like minded business women that share your passion in painting and making money online. Surrounding yourself with like minded people will pull you up. Creative people have the biggest hearts and that’s who I hang with. We share a common passion for sharing with each other. Let’s grow our businesses together!

Inside of THE Creative Makers TRIBE

  • 1 monthly new furniture painting tutorial
  • 1 monthly new creative furniture staging tutorial
  • Success Path Outline with a FREE 30 minute coaching call available to you to use whenever you want it.
  • Monthly trainings posted on various subjects to help you grow your online business.
  • #WIN Post your wins in the group to inspire and share your victories with others.
  • #QQ (quick questions) Ask questions in the group to get the answers you need.
  • #feedback Share your projects in the group to get constructive feedback.
  • LIVE Q & A Facebook LIVE Every Friday at 10am CST (answering your business questions and being your biggest cheerleader)
  • Access to my Art Of Painting Furniture Library (17 video tutorials  with a new paint finish added each month)

Your Success is my Success!

Join the TRIBE now for $37.95 a month to get all of this! You can leave the group at anytime. That’s a little more than a $1 per day. You are so worth that!

~If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together~

As soon as you enter the group you will receive a warm welcome from your tribal sisters. Yes, we are all sisters in the TRIBE! We are a community.

You’ll have immediate access to all the trainings and tutorials to get you on your way with your online business journey.

I am available M-F 8-5 in the group and we also have a community managers that helps with questions and training.

Or if you just wanna paint pretty furniture for your home… I gotcha covered! Join now and get my entire video library of finishes. I’m sharing all of them!

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