How To Chalk Couture Like A Pro

Enjoy the little things, like Chalk Couture!

Have you heard about all the buzz? Chalk Couture is a new crafter’s dream. If you love those dreamy chalkboards as I do, this is for you. It’s so easy to create beautiful DIY home decor and it’s super fun.

I took this sweet little overnight case that belonged to my Granny and re-purposed it into something that I can use as decor in my home. It’s so dear to me to be able to keep a few things that have such a special meaning to me. But that’s not all you can do with this magical stuff!

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How To Chalk Couture Like A Pro

Enjoy the little things, like Chalk Couture. #chalkcouture #chalkboard

Here’s a quick demonstration of Chalk Couture and the application of the silkscreen with the chalk paste.

Doesn’t that look fun? So quick! Rinse and create a different design every day if your little ole heart desires. Creatives love change and it’s easy with these products! Create beautiful gifts for friends and family. In no time you can have a gift ready to walk out the door. Never show up again empty-handed at a party or last-minute get together.

Silk screen and chalkology paste by Chalk Couture. You gotta try this stuff! #chalkcouture #chalkpaste

Make A Statement With Chalk Couture

Make a statement with Chalk Couture. #chalkcouture #chalkpaste

This will be the best year EVER with Chalk Couture! #chalkcouture #chalkboard

 Chalk Couture Chalology Paste #chalkcouture #chalkpaste

If you LOVE chalkboard everything, I painted a whole wall with chalkboard paint. It’s so cool! You can check it out HERE.

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